Welcome to the most advanced escape rooms in Seattle and Redmond! We bring fantasies and movie scenarios into real life. All of our themed game rooms are specially designed and crafted by talented interior and industrial designers.

FLEE has launched 5 Themed Escape Rooms in Redmond and 2 Themed Escape Rooms in Seattle. Players will take on the roles as trapped hostages or investigation agents, and be placed into different scenarios. Players must work together as a team to search for clues, use different elements in the room to solve various puzzles and navigate themselves out of locked rooms while beating the clock! Every game at FLEE is private, no strangers will join you for your reservation.

Beyond finding clues and opening locks, FLEE has led Room Escape Game into a whole new level by providing the most immersive room escape experience with tons of mechanical, electrical and automatic devices and puzzles that are intriguing and coherent with the story-lines, no two puzzles are the same!

What are escape rooms ?

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Are you getting bored and tired of your usual hang-out spots with your pals? How about surprising your date with something new? Come on down to Seattle's best and most loved escape games and show off your problem-solving skills, attention to details and exercise your brain by thinking out of the box! Will you take the challenge of finding your way out?

Each escape game is private at FLEE, so no other strangers will join your game's session. Celebrate the birthday with us and get 1 FREE admission for the birthday week (Birthday within Sunday - Sunday)!


FLEE is the leader in trendy entertainment in Seattle area. The nature of our creative gameplay requires great communication between teammates and tremendous team collaboration efforts, which makes us an optimal choice for team building events. FLEE has hosted more than 6500 team events and they all had a blast!

We offer group rates for 12+ participants, we can also accommodate times outside of our operating hours. Learn more about the top-rated team building activity in North West.


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