PLAYERS: 4 ~ 8       DIFFICULTIES★★★★★     TIME: 60 mins

TAG Speculation,  Analysis,  Action

SUCCESS RATE: 31%     PRICE: $27 / Player

You are an "extractor" who performs espionage using experimental military technology to infiltrate the targets' dreams in order to steal information.

One day, the top lawyer Arthur came to you requesting an "inception" operation into his son's dreams. He wants you to plant an idea into the subconscious of his son hoping to mend their broken relationship.  In return, Arthur will clear your past offenses as a "dream traveler". 

Arthur's son is put in sleep during a concert and he's been given a "kick" and will wake up in 60 minutes. The time is ticking for you to complete your mission. Will you be able to conduct a successful "inception" or be trapped in the "limbo" state of the infinite subconscious forever?