PLAYERS: 4~12  DIFFICULTIES: ★★★★☆   TIME: 60 mins

TAG: ☠ Action, ☞ Perception, ☢ Collaboration

SUCCESS RATE: 34%   PRICE: $27 / Player

For the past decade, researcher at Umbrella Corporation have been working with viruses to find a cure for death. Funding for the project was scarce until a company merger gave the research team unlimited access to the funds and equipment necessary for further testing. However, the research was destined to go horribly wrong. Lazy decontamination protocols resulted in an outbreak and the project lead, Dr. Ashford, has gone missing.

You and your team of fellow researchers split up to search for Dr. Ashford at his apartment and his lab with the hope of finding him and the cure. Suddenly, the security system locks you in, and you discover that the area is contaminated. The virus, left untreated, can kill a healthy individual within an hour. Will you find the cure in time?